Nakawa Crystal Sculpture

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  • Classical Times

    Life is like an endless journey.

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  • Poetic Beauty

    This unique vase with three dancing women is extraordinary in its own right.
    The lovely colours make it all the more eye catching.

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    Creation of Nakawa collection

  • Pure Love

    All that the heart wishes for is love and affection.

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    Arabian Horses have refined, wedged shaped heads, a broad forehead,
    large eyes, large nostrils and small muzzles.

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    In the past camels played an important role in the lives of the Bedouins
    in the arabian deserts and continue to be very useful to the people.

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    This exquisite piece embodies his tranquility and will impart a calm meditative quality to its surrounding.

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  • News

    Nakawa Participate at Objects of Desire on the 15th of May 2013 @ Mussawir Art Gallery, Al Qouz, Dubai.

  • News
    Nakawa will be launched for our European Customers in Ambiente Exhibitions in Frank Furt in Feb 2013. li>
  • News
    Nakawa @ Armed Forces Officers Club in Abu Dhabi.

  • News
    Nakawa @ Gift & Premium Show Dubai 2013.

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